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I have my Dad’s old lead lamp - a caged 240v bulb on a big robust clamp, and it’s super useful.

I’d like a 12v LED version, so I can plug it into the car and clamp it on the guttering and so forth.

i can only find though a small number of lights with that form factor though - and they have a rather flimsy looking bolt on clamp and an expensive price tag.

Has anyone seen one ?

my plan B is to buy a 12v work light, extend the cabling, and then try and find a big chunky clamp that I can bolt it too...

Any suggestions or pointers to products would be very welcome 😊


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Ditto - no one uses lights with wires these days! The LED battery ones last hours, most come with magnets in, a hook and some swivel on the magnet base


The only issue is that it is easy to leave them under the car - I did recover one off a car I serviced for someone last year - a year after I had left it there!! Charged it up and it still worked!!

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I just use a Princeton Tec headtorch. Haven't used a worklight for years. It points where you look, and provides a lovely even spread of light, vastly superior to the cheap ones. Bit hard on batteries if you were using it every day but I don't, so that isn't a problem.

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I have a re-chargeable head torch that I use when under the truck....

I found with a hand held / floor based light source it was usually pointing in the wrong place or I was in the way....

With the light source just above my eyes it tends to be more in the right location and less of me to get in the way !

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1 hour ago, Anderzander said:

The only issue is mounting it - magnets not being so good on aluminium.

I’ll have a look at those links - maybe there is a battery one with a clamps 😊

Or maybe just a clamp with enough steel to stick a magnetic one to? Shouldn't be hard.

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I have what you describe somewhere with a regular 12v bulb, if LED was essential you can change the lamp!

Otherwise I have a flat rechargeable LED torch with hooks and magnets and an LED floodlight which do what I need. You just have to have them charged so I guess it depends what your doing.

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