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two piece speedo cable part numbers

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two-piece speedo cable on my defender 90 V8, is the part numbers I have found on line correct??

Both cables have a screw connection for connecting to the speed sensor

1 short one from the transfer box to the speed sensor transducer, I think the short cable is PRC7949

1 long one from speed transducer to the back of the speedo clock PRC5568

It appears to be an RRC set up however it’s on my defender V8


Cheers Ivan

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Going to peterbourgh show on the boat now from Belfast should find what I need hopefully at the show

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Further research has located the relevant Range Rover parts.

From speedo to transducer. PRC6278



From gearbox to transducer there are 2 options, dependent upon whether the vehicle is 3.5 or 3.9

the 3.5 option is PRC6320



And the 3.9 is PRC7949


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