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Prop UJ's

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Having all of a sudden heard a nasty clicking noise on my 90, I pulled the props, stripped both front and rear UJs and found a single bearing completely wrecked. I regularly grease the props but clearly out of the 8 bearings total, a single one hadn't been getting any grease, all the rest looked like new (car has done 175,000 miles).

I've changed the all the UJs with GKN ones which was pretty straightforward but on completion I have 2 questions:

1. How do you know all bearings are getting greased? On greasing, some of the spider seals leak grease but others don't. Is this a sign all is not well?

2. Some of the joints are tighter than others. Not so tight you can't move them by hand but its not uniform across each joint and each direction of yoke movement.

Thanks, Ian.




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This is quite normal. Daan pulls the joint in each direction while greasing. I've heard grinding a small groove in the end of the spider can help. Personally I just grease them regularly and live with the fact that one will fail first.


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Thanks for the reply Mike. Now they're fitted I think i'll do more harm than good stripping them to grind a groove but that does make sense and i'll probably do that next time.

With the new UJ bearings, I can't see that pulling the joint will really achieve much additional clearance for grease. 

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