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Garage lighting

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I've been considering some of these https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Main_Index/Lighting_Menu_Index/LEDlite_Modulars/index.html when I sort out my garage lights. They're really intended for suspended ceilings. They are super slim and therefore take up little head room. Because of low headroom I am always clobbering the fluros in my garage.

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For reference, the 6 LED fittings I used above, are fitting into a 20ftx20ft (6m x 6m in euro-speak) garage, and it is quite bright in there :) 

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I managed to finish getting electric into the garage and what a luxury it is!

For the lighting, I couldn't really decide so have currently kept the LED tape hooked up to a 12v transformer. The 15m equivalent of lighting is enough to see well, but isn't bright enough to do an fine detail work - you still have to squint. It runs at 36 watts so I think i'll run another 6 strips next to the current ones and see how much better it is. I've got a 2 gang switch so I'll be able to wire the strips independently to adjust output.

Wiring in conduit is particularly fiddly, as you have to think a few steps ahead, but it's incredibly satisfying once it's done. I also put a bulb up in the roof space and that is a revelation!




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