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Army pup tent on SIII 109 roof ??

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As my daugther started complaining I'm always at work at home and during our holidays I'm always working on the landrover (she's got a point there) I decided messing around with the landrover should be shared fun.

Asking what she wanted the response was quick. "I want to sleep on the roof".

Brilliant, now how to pull that off.

I've got 2 halves of a heavy cotton army pup tent lying around. 
If I'd cut 2 boards to make a floor, place them ~3 inch apart and an extra piece of wood in there.

lock them al together with hinges and only fix the most rear board to the roofrack I'll end up with a 'fold open' floor with up to 3 inch of 'storage' in between.
Unfolded I could nail down the pup-tent and set it properly. remove the poles, fold it in and it would be sort of drivable...

Has anyone before attempted such a stupid idea? Did it accidentally work? 
I'll put the pup-tent aside to bring it to France and get you some pictures in 2 weeks. (If I don't forget the thing).

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France ?

The land of weird & wonderful pop up roofs..

Sound possible.

Otherwise, I have an old Hard Shell for sale that would suit her very well..... 😎

We need to meet.....

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