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Better register then Tony ;) Sorry I forgot I registered ages ago so it just recognises me now when I log in.

RUPPS still not upgraded though by the looks of it here:


But looks imminent. I have emailed Somerset for a timescale.

All the old favourites are listed on the interative map as being upgraded from RUPP to BOAT.

Will :)

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Takes a bit of guesswork to get around it but gives dates of claim etc and status.

Looks like the TRF need some praise.

Will :)

Damn link doesn't work, get to the mapping and click 'modifications' on the left. TUT

It'll be great if all these get upgraded to BOAT, but what is the attitude of the local Council and the Exmoor NP Authority - will they simply TRO them all once they get BOAT status (are they all within the NP boundary) ?

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I was on the understanding that ENP weren't that unfriendly when it came to veh rights. Dave (bro in law) has had a few conversations with wardens and they were keen to get people mobile again on Exmoor.

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Something like Jan '04 or '05, I forget. Someone better informed will be along soon...


Close. 20 January 2005 in England and 19 May 2005 in Wales.

If you plan to drive any in the meantime, make sure you are well armed with vehicular evidence.

The council should be able to proved this based on the claim.

Like someone else said tho, the NP could TRO if within the park.

Which means we need good relations and communications with the NP.

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