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Northern Paul

Ignition live wiring to accessory Blue Sea fuse box

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Hello all,

 Whilst I am refurbishing the 90 I am looking to install a tidy solution to additional wiring circuits, with regards fusing them. 

 Some additions will be on permanent lives; interior LED lights, stereo, amplifier whilst others will require ignition switched lives; heated seats, heated windscreen, lightbar.

 I'd like a solution that leaves me some leeway for future additions and came across the Blue Sea ST Blade Split Bus Fuse Block:


This would allow 2 isolated groups of 6 fused circuits to be contained in one housing ie, 1 for permanent live and 1 for ignition switched lives, giving 12 in total.

I would be looking at mounting it on the central bulkhead behind the passenger seat to allow easy access (my seats don't have removable bases).

What would be my best option to feed it a suitable ignition live ie where should I tap into? Thoughts, ideas, criticisms?

Thanks in advance, Paul


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I mounted mine there but I feed straight from the battery. Just run in a relay from behind the dash somewhere ?

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Assuming that's the same as the one I have in the ibex the top set of contacts are for the neg and un-fused. The bottom set are for pos and fused. They are separate but to use them the way you want you'll need additional fuses. I think blue sea do several fuse boxes so might be worth a look around.


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Thanks for the replies. 

Mad-Pete, that's probably the way to go. 

miketomcat - the one I linked to has two separate bottom circuits thus allowing a permanent live block of 6 fuses and a switched ignition live block of 6 fuses

ianmayco68 - Thats the one that I started looking at (was thinking 2x 6 fuse boxes; one permanent live and 1 ignition switched) but the one I linked to would allow me to contain everything in one box.

Can I tap into any ignition live to activate the relay?

Cheers, Paul

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