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ZF74 Pumps


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I want to stick a ZF74 pump on the 109 but being tight/skint I have been looking at eBay and noticed a fair few ZF PAS pumps on there for not much money - now some of these should be ZF74's shouldn't they? Trouble is no-one ever lists them as such, the closest they get is quoting numbers off the side of the pump. So, is there a way to tell what's what?

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I read somewhere that "ZF74" is a name invented by Alfred Murray and there isn't actually anything sold as a ZF74 by ZF! Whether that is true I don't know, can have a look on mine later if you like for any ID plates etc. but I have a feeling it doesn't have any.

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Pics below of the pump including the writing on the back if you need full size of that PM me with your email address...




And one of two elephant seals fighting the other day just for good measure and because it was on the same card :) LR relevance? Well I needed one to get there didn't I ;)


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