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it was requested, so here it is, the race-lorry build!

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Good work! Lucky he let you change it - my experience is that there are two types of testers, and one of them would not have even entertained letting you do it!

I used to like a feature my Iveco had for the emissions - it would not let you rev the engine past about 1200 rpm if it was not moving to stop you revving it hard from cold to get the air to build up. Also made doing the emissions test properly absolutely impossible for the testers!! :D

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the rx8 is now sitting there in the way, but all the work i've planned to do on it is done.

i picked up a couple of brand new, in date sabelt 6 point harnesses for £60. for that price i couldn't say no!

only issue is, now i need a roll cage :(

so that's on the list for the end of next year. for now, the harness can go back in their box. they also don't need to be in date, so no worries there.

i spent part of yesterday fiddling about with stuff on the lorry that should'nt cost me anything. first off was the side guard. the bodgit and scarper repair job i did on it still works, but id like to do a better job, so i got the tig out and tacked it up.


i've run out of alu tig rods, so that will have to wait to be finished.

then there's the exhaust brake. it is seized solid, no amount of persuasion will move it, add to that the flap has broken from the shaft, and closes every time i put my foot down (no boost leak then :D) i decided to take it off and repair it.

problem number 1, the seals in the cylinder have failed. .

after lots of oxy acetylene exposure, it still wouldn't budge, so i got it cherry red and dumped it in a bucked of diesel to soak for 30 or so hours...

then re applied heat, dunked it again, got it cherry again and stuck a pole through it to try, one last time, to get it to move..

yeah, that ended well....

be needing a new one of those then. off goes a email to the B.O.M boys..... they might not be needing theirs!


edit. they replied, they do need theirs. bummer!

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Well done - MOT !!

Here the MOT is getting somewhat ridiculous when it comes to brakes and emissions...

After the body swap on the Iveco I needed to make temp side guards to get it through MOT.

Please keep this going - esp. the roll cage sounds interesting...

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its a bit nuts here on emissions too.


the rules changed last year, on all lorries since 2007 ish the manufacturers plate shows the intended max particulate output WHEN IT WAS NEW! the rules now say IF it has such a spec on the  plate, the lorry must be tested to that value, if the plate is missing, the limits are the default of 3.0 m1 .. my lorrys sticker says 0.56 m1, which is nuts. it doesnt even have a dpf! so, my lorry no longer has that sticker. problem solved :D

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I have that black reflective tape on my 109 sills.  It looks charcoal grey unless the light catches it from the direction you’re looking, at which it reflects.  Mine reflects silver/white, but i think it can be bought reflecting amber, which is better for vehicle sides.  It works very well.

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so, where were we.... oh yeah....



on my way home from plymouth on monday night with yet another rx8 in the back, my lorry decided that having working fuel injectors was unnecessary. when it started to knock, (massive amounts of fuel running straight into cyl 4 with no control whatsoever) i decided it was time for a tow...

 cornwall commercials are my local recovery company, the only ones for miles, and they where really busy that night. they ended up sending their only spare wagon, a 7.5ton spec lift, to drag me home on a pole. not much fun, i can assure you!

im very very glad i have recovery! police where great too! closed the road so i could reverse down the road and to a junction. took til 1am to get recovered less than 5 miles!


injectors where tested on wednesday, 1 scrap and being replaced with a exchange unit, 2 passed test and one failed but rebuildable. im having 3 rebuilt anyway, still a Mahooosive bill.........

120+vat each for rebuilds plus 188+vat for replacement on a exchange basis.

so lets look at my car issues at the moment.
the rx8 is awaiting a new tactrix that hasn't arrived yet (a adapter to allow me to change the fuelling maps)
rx8 no2 has no clutch
the laguna has no key, i sent it off for repair and haven't received it back, i think royal mail have lost it.
and the lorry is broken too..

now the work van can break and ill have no vehicles at all.....

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With trucks, recovery insurance is a no brainer. Here it will cost around € 5,5 per km to get a truck towed away and France is a bog place...

Vehicle misery sounds familiar..

Bon Courage !!

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two major jobs done this past week....

one, a heater installed so i can stop freezing to death!

fuel tank bracket made and hung so i can fill it with red diesel..

here i have added a one way valve and a filter, throwing the crappy filter supplied away as i couldn't get all the air out of it... for some reason without the one way valve it wont prime, it just keeps running back into the tank when the pump stops. this has prevented that.

all the pipework run (need to clip the fuel line back, will do that later).


and controller.

second job, theres a stump, and i keep hitting it with the rear of the lorry whilst turning it around.


cut and gone :D

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