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Since Carrying Out A Service On My Freelander TD4 2006 The Engine Light Remains On and Fault Codes of P1613 and P1E30 Are Shown.

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My 2006 Freelander TD4 was taken in for a service in the Caribbean and I provided 10 litres of oil, fuel filter, oil filter and air filter. The garage put in the entire 10 litres of oil that I provided. After the service the engine light started to come on intermittently when driving. Took the vehicle back to the garage and the excess oil was drained. They also identified that the fuel filter was badly fitted and was leaking fuel. That was resolved. Soon afterwards the engine light came on permanently. I took the vehicle to another garage where the fault codes of P1613 and P1E30 was found. The engine light was reset but returned again permanently once I stopped and restarted the vehicle.

The vehicle starts okay but runs rough and is lacking performance especially when going uphill with load. 

Please does anyone know what the likely problem is and the associated resolution?

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Hi. Check the inter cooler, intake manifold & EGR pipes for lots of oil. If excessive oil has gotten into the exhaust then I would be fearful for the catalytic converter. 

Remove the front bumper and access the inter cooler. Flush and dry the cooler, egr pipes and also remove and clean out the intake manifold. Make sure that the negative pressure sensor located at the opposite end of the intake manifold (from the egr) is squeaky clean. These manifolds get very coked up anyway in normal operation. I usually fill it with diesel or petrol and leave it soaking. Then use a good bottle brush. 

Reassemble the lot and see what happens. 

Then if your still getting faults check the catalytic converter. 

Good luck. 

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