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Hi this maybe a silly question to most , but i cant work out if my 1996 defender 300tdi is a (L316) or a (LD) , So when on e@@y and you do a vehicle parts checker both years etc are the same and i get to if its a LD or L316 im stumped . 

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Not even sure what your asking here. Body types are.

Hard top

Pick up

Soft top

Station wagon

County station wagon (higher spec than sw)

Hi capacity pick up (110/127/130)

Crew cab (110/127/130)

Utility wagon (110)

Chassis cab (special vehicles)


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L316 refers to the LR design code for Defenders, it's NOT part of the VIN/Chassis number, which made up of 17 digits [letters & numbers] just give that to your parts supplier, they should be able to decode it, 

it shows, factory of build, engine,steering,gearbox, body type, year of build, chassis serial number. 

see section 1 in http://www.retroanaconda.com/landrover/parts_books/110/1_front_cover_intro_numerical_index_p1-16_&_p1076-1151.pdf

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I certainly have , big thanks for the info . Someone thought it refers to the PUMA 

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THE LD part will be in the VIN number, as is mine -- SALLDHMB7FA****** so using the LD as a project number is not what its for. it means -- LD - Ninety, One Ten, 127, Defender

mine decodes as 

 S= Europe

A = UK

L = Land Rover

LD = 90/110/127/130/Defender

H = 110 wheelbase

M = 4 door station wagon

B = 2.5 turbo diesel

7 = right hand steering

F = model year 1989

A = Solihull build

then the 6 digit serial number 

making 17 digits in total.


PM or post your VIN  but minus the last 6 digits & we will be able to tell you exactly what the original build was. 


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