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Leaking diff pan - temporary repair?


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My Defender rear diff pan was looking rusty, but not leaking.

I decided this afternoon that a little bit of preventative maintenance was required, so out with the wire brush to give some quick prep before painting.

Yep you've guessed it it now leaking!  Looks to be a small area / pin prick hole.

I've not replaced a diff pan before but i'm guessing is not an half our job, and one that will be easier to do with the axle off the vehicle.  In any event I'm not going to be in the position to do it of a couple of weeks.  MOT due next week as well.

Has anyone got any suggestion on how i could make a temporary repair and what to use?  Would something like chemical metal do the job?




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Depending on where the hole is, it may be possible to screw a self tapper in and use chemical metal over the top after cleaning well with brake cleaner. Make sure you are nowhere near the crown wheel. I had the same issue on my Salisbury axle just before the MOT! Held fine for a month before replacing the bolt on pan

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I've used plastic padding metal repair very good oil resistant etc Ultimately you will probably need a new Diff pan £35 ish no need to drop axle off just remove half shafts, diff and jack rear up to make diff pan more accessible for cutting and welding Probably 2 - 4 hrs work depending upon an individuals ability

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If you don't want to, or don't have time to do a strip down etc, there is another way. I have successfully repaired a diff a pan, a sump, and a leaking diesel tank on expeditions using chemical metal without draining. The trick is to use soap from a bar of soap first because it will stick to oily metal. Use a piece of soap made soft and pliable with water and press it into the hole or crack. Use just enough to stop the leak, then carefully degrease the area around the soap filled hole, roughen the area with some sand paper and carefully apply chemical metal. Job done. Regards, Diff.





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If you want to do a temp repair, make sure that the leaking area is clean and oil free and cover the area with araldite, that's 2 part epoxy resin glue, that will stop it, I did that on a leaking pan and it lasted 6 years up to the time I sold the vehicle. You will need to replace it with a new pan eventually. Don't forget to put some black paint or something on it when dry otherwise the MOT tester might see it and with his industrial tooth pick dig it off. Remember that oil leaks can mean an MOT fail now.

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