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Outer Wing Replacement?

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I need to fit a new front wing to the offside of my 200 Tdi 110 - when I bought the vehicle *mumble, mumble* years ago, the front right corner was smashed in (as was a lot of the rest of it, being an ex-farmer's truck). Since then I've been slowly rebuilding it. I thought I'd done a good job of beating everything straight again, but today realised that the lowest point of the outer wing is an inch further forward than it is on the other side. Since this means that the metal has stretched above the wheel arch, it'd take too much work to sort it out properly. I'm therefore looking for a replacement panel - the ones from the 'Blue Box' company are unsurprisingly the cheapest option - as their products can vary from absolute rubbish to quite good, I'm therefore keen to hear from anyone who has used such an item as to what they think of it...

As ever, any help would be much appreciated!

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Haven't used them from the blue box company , I replaced both my wings when I did my 200tdi 110 and I brought mine from SP 4X4 



They were fine fitted well , with no problems and I'm happy with them also they're slightly thicker than the originals .

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Thanks for your useful comment - I've bought most of my other panel stuff from SP and it's all been 100%, so I guess I need to bite the bullet and prepare to wait for them to ship me one. Sometimes, their stuff arrives the next day, whereas other times it can be a week. I was considering the Blue Box stuff as it can be obtained locally and I wanted to get on with assembling that part of the truck, hence why I was wondering if it was worth a try. On reflection, I think not, so SP it is once again! :)

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