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Where would I have put ignition live to ms ?


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Tidied up the wiring behind my dash as part of a interior strip down now it’s back together I’ve tidied too much it seems. The ignition lights come on and it cranks but ms and fuel pump relays don’t come on so I think I’ve disturbed ignition live feed to ms. Where is that normally taken from (particulaly asking Fridge as he wired mine about 10 years ago 🙂 )?  if I can’t find it I might just run another wire as the loom needs tidying anyway. Obviously the trick is to get something that is cranking live.  

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@Scotts90 MS needs an ignition live, something which is live whilst cranking and running. Usually any white wire in a Defender, not sure about the hotwire EFI loom but in flapper it's blue/yellow to the ECU hence that's the convention I used when drawing up the wiring diagram which has kinda propagated through Nige.

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The ecu needs to be on while cranking to be firing injectors. Originally the Range Rover ecu was only ignition live and it would crank a lot and then start as you came of the key and powered the ecu just enough while the engine was still turning. I think I have some connection in the engine bay that was used to link the two looks. Lots of white wires behind the dash maybe I should wire a better one. 

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Apprantly the answer to what I upset is this.



found a white connector in the defender loom and plugged it in. Think it is the one hiding in back of shot and probably not the one it connected to before.

The lead from the relay is pretty shocking (even by what I can live with) with patches and links for what should be a straight run.

starts brown, ends up red with some grey on the middle ....


I think for the switch to ms3 I will get a loom made up.

Started better after being sat for 10 months than it normally does. Must have enjoyed the rest. 🙂



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4 hours ago, mad_pete said:

Just to say the ignition live feed connection of many wire parts and the relays are my doing Fridge didn’t put it in like that. 🙂

:D I was very tempted to post up protesting my innocence - I've done some stuff in a pinch before, but if I committed 3 colour changes in a wiring run I'd have to take several baths to feel clean again.

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