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2006 defender 110 heater

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I would investigate if the matrix is blocked. 

I had a similar issue with my old 110 which caused issues with temperatures spiking when warming up. The Heater matrix is used as part of the open circuit before the thermostat opens.

I tried running forced water though mine which suggested there was flow... Compared to a replacement matrix, it was a very restricted flow....

Water should flow through without issue, so adding a pump may not be the answer if the matrix needs replacing. 

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10 hours ago, Adv said:

Thanks for your reply I'm looking for a small inline pump to pull more water round the matrix. "Hopefully "

I believe adding another pump would just take coolant from the main pump & probably cause the engines pump to cavitate, leaving big air bubbles, better to flush the heater matrix both ways to ensure its not blocked as V8Freak has mentioned.

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