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51 Plate 1.9 diesel fuel injector question

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Have searched without success so hope I am not asking a question that's been covered before.

It's my brother in laws  51 plate 1.9 tdi  Freelander question as I know nothing about these modern electrickery vehicles ( mines a 200tdi defender). 

He has been advised by garage that one of the fuel injectors is playing up at idle and he is looking at getting service exchange or repaired. 

Question is please: are they matched/coded to ecu or whatever or can they just be repaired and refitted or service exchange ones just be fitted?

Many thanks and sorry for stupid question.

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I guess UK people will know what year a 51 plate is - I had to google it and came up with 2001/02 - now this is the transition period for the 2.0 L series Diesel (Di) to the 2.0 BMW TD4 (both were termed 2.0 not 1.9 but just a minor point).

So both had ECUs with the L series just controlling the fueling of the fuel pump where the TD4 ECU controls everything.  In either case I cannot answer you question but someone who can will need to know where it is an L series diesel or a TD4.





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Thanks Gary, will get back to bro in law and get more info. 

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