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I had my Freelander fail its Mot due "swerving when handbrake applied" while driving forward by the Mot tester.

Upon looking in the vehicles handbook page 119 (I think it was?) it specifically warns owners not to apply handbrake when vehicle in motion..

The VOSA should not be allowed to get away with this and it can and has caused major damage to the vehicle..

Most owners of 4 X 4s will not be aware of this rule until their vehicle fails on it..  By that time the vehicle could of suffered years of damage done during its Mot..?

This sounds like E U insanity I think.. Not acceptable and should not be tolerated..

I wonder if Petrol 4 x 4 have to undergo this or is it confined to diesels which they demonize and discriminate against anyway already?




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I think most vehicles warn you not to apply the handbrake whilst in motion, but as far as I'm aware applying the handbrake on the FL1 just acts on the rear drums so is unlikely to have caused damage. Most MOT stations know not to test 4x4's on the rollers as that really CAN damage them.

Also I don't see what the EU has to do with it as our MOT is nothing to do with them, Ze Germans would never allow such lax safety standards as ours and modifications are verboten across most of the EU, we have it super-easy here.

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Standard mot practice has been to test 4x4s with a tapley meter, and has been for decades. It is perfectly safe as the handbrake is applied gently until the required reading is obtained, and then let off.

As above, they generally won't test 4x4 on rollers unless they have a very funky (expensive) set.


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