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Series Instrument Regulator


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Anyone know which terminals are input and which are output?


Now if I was designing a circuit with one set blade, and the other socket, I would have the input as the blades (pins) and the outputs Sockets, that way if the input wire socket came off it could not short due to the insulation over the contact.

Without breaking out a powersupply, multimeter and possibly blowing the ickle device up by routing current through it backwards, would anyone like to agree with my theory :P

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From your description, i think i've wired mine up in reverse it works fine though.

My input terminals are the female connections that accept the male (flat) spade crimps. The outputs use the others. No particular reason for wiring it up this way other, although using the normal plug and socket phylosophy probably would make sense. :D

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this is what I've managed to glean from manuals.

There are two pairs of spade connectors:

One pair labelled I has light green wire going to it (output).

Other pair labelled B has green wire (input) to it.

Manuals do not give enough detail as to which are the male of female spades but I would go along with your logic that the input would be the male spade, the incoming wire being an insulated female. B)

My stabiliser is behind the dash so couldn't look at it. :(

This may be of use - looks very similar.


I don't think you will damage it if you connect the wire the wrong way round, in any case your ole input wire should have the appropriate connector right?

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shweet, cheers for that, as I have made a new loom since I've also converted from 24V to 12V at the same time, my 24V loom did not have the regulator wiring B) so I had no comparison :D

Job Jobbed, better go finish the rest of the wiring and see if the beast will fire-up :unsure:

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