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I am a newbie here so hope I posted in right section? I have a TD4 3 door commercial always has starter problems..

The garage I got it from sold it to me with a tattered worn out old battery and luckily I didn't get stranded along way from home, even if I did have breakdown cover.

When I became aware of the problem starting I got a new battery right away.. Found out when fitting the new one or after it's been charged up the back window needs lifting up again but also the radio/CD player comes on even without the ignition turned on and needs to be turned off or battery drain happens really quickly..

Even though I am aware of that and just fitted a recently charged up year old battery and the battery light at the top shows green for OK still..

For the life of me I cannot get the positive terminal connection to tighten enough to stop it moving while it's attached to battery..

The problem got so bad I totally replaced the negative terminal and lead to a horizontal brass one..

Positive lead is more tricky to replace as it has two other wires going into it..

Only thing I could think of to get it replaced was a leisure battery connection with the extra attachments.. still haven't done that yet as it needs Mot..

So the battery reads ok and the positive terminal still a tad loose..

Could this be the reason the thing will not start.... yet it makes an all round connection?

Maybe if I could pack the connection out with foil or aluminium it may help?

Anyone ever had this problem?

I get the feeling it could be starter motor issue ?

Maybe best to let a reputable garage try sort it out..?

I am Blue Badge and would love to have a go, but sadly can't now.. 

Hope this wasn't too boring?

Real name Dave

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i dont know what the problem is with the battery terminal, it must be quite

obvious by looking at it closely, mabe the nut and bolt through the clamp

needs replacing, more important is if you use the vehicle with a loose connection

on the battery you will damage the alternator, which will then need replacing

probably £150 +



Chris h.

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Got a photo of the battery / terminals? That might be helpful.

Also, the stereo should NOT be coming on with the ignition off, is it an original or after-market one?

If it's after-market I'd suspect it's been mis-wired and is likely partly to blame for your problems.

As for battery terminals, if they're original and you bought the correct battery it should fit snugly no problem, but if someone's fiddled with it all bets are off.

Alternator replacement on a TD4 is not a fun job so best avoid that if possible!

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