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Fan belt replacement


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While changing my PAS pump today I noticed that my fanbelt was looking a little past it's best so I changed it while I had the PAS belt off - the PAS belt, when fitted, is in the way.



The first job is to remove the air filter as it is right in the way.

Next, loosen the alternator mounting bolts. One is visible in the top picture above, along with the state of the belt!


There is one on the back of the alternator too, directly behind the front one if - you get me.


Loosen the front adjusting bolt. Most alternators have a bolt which goes into a thread in the alternator here. Mine has had the thread stripped out at some time and so it has a nut and bolt instead - a right pain in the neck!

Once this bolt is loose you can slacken and remove the old belt by pushing the alternator towards the engine. Getting the belt over the fan is something of a game, it would be easier to cut it off instead. The new one has to go on over the fan though. Once the new belt is on, make sure that it is in all of the V pulleys.


With the new belt fitted, use a lever to tension the belt and then tighten the adjustment bolt again. Not too tight or you will strip the thread and be in the nut and bolt gang with me. :)

The correct belt tension is important. Too loose and it will slip leaving you with a flat battery, too tight and it will wear faster and may damage bearings in the alternator or water pump. The correct tension will allow you to deflect the belt a centimetre or so either way along it's longest side.

Remember to tighten the alternator lower mounting bolts too. If you forget this you join another one of my clubs...


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Bored? No, just keeping up with the Hensons...

Fingers crossed it is OK now, I tightened the PAS belt this morning. I will test it by driving wife to the station in about 5 minutes, then into Tesco before the rest of the world (I hope) and then route testing for the treasure hunt...


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