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Ladoga trophy 2019


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Work allowing (which is unlikely) I'd be sorely tempted to come along as support crew. Sure I could round up a couple of mates, one of them is a bloody good cook for big groups. Just need to find somewhere to go hunting on route for the tender loin venison steaks :D

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Just watching the video now. Not sure I have seen it before, really enjoying it.

Mike a few questions, what was the spec of 45 for the competition and what did you carry on board, tools and spares? Is it lockers I could hear in the video? 

Did you off load a lot of spare and that onto the house of flying spanner’s?





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Stock ish 90, 200tdi, 24 spline front axle open diff, 24 spline rear with a borrowed arb and hd shafts. Diffs, tank and steering guards. Hd steering bars, cheap tyre compressor to run the arb. 33" tyres (as per regs) heavy duty bumper with a m8000 winch. I didn't have a cage but would if I did it again. I sure I've forgotten something. Kit we carried was usual recovery kit, two 50mm waffles, 100ft winch extension and 3 snatch blocks. Full camping kit and spare clothes. We carried a good selection of tools and enough spares to achieve rolling axles and steering plus usual breakage spares.

Whilst I'm greatful to flying spanners they were busy with their own team so help was mainly advice and help with boarders/paperwork.

Our team was 45 (race) 2 crew, camel 110 (race) 3 crew, 110 hardtop (support/spares) 1 crew (ryan). Support carried additional tools and spares plus our actual camping kit and spare clothes. The plan was for ryan to go to stage starts go to camp and set up then meet at stage finish or at camp depending on distances. It didn't quite go to the plan because the camel got so badly damaged in the first stage that they ended up doing one or two other stages but predominantly became our support crew.


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