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I also agree, the members on here have been so helpful to many of us in our trials during rebuilds or just ownership. I hope you all have a good Christmas to those who celebrate and a healthy, joyous & prosperous new year to all.And yes we should give extra thanks to those who work the festive season to keep us safe and well.🤶🎅

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A wee Christmas ditty

V8 growl or diesel knock

Not much chance of either in my Christmas sock

Some snow this year to play or plough

At least a covering over field and bough

Get them fixed they will need to be ready

For conditions that many may find unsteady

Winter tyres and ropes for recovering

Doesn't matter what you drive Series, Defender or Discovery

Range Rovers too I'll not miss you out

Another good vehicle in winters shout

Too all of you some Christmas cheer

And happy tinkering throughout the New Year

Wishing you and yours all the best regards Stephen

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On 12/24/2018 at 1:51 AM, Stellaghost said:

Just like to wish forum members near and far a very happy Christmas, have only been a member for a short while, although linked by an affinity for Landrovers in their many guises I find the assistance and advice given to what is essentially  a faceless stranger for most members, exceptional .I personally  should have joined years ago thank you.Whatever your projects or repairs are in 2019 I wish you success  and fun in doing them 


This sums up the year perfectly for me on the forum, I might have been registered a while but I've really had to lean on people's knowledge this year as the build gets more progress but also more complicated. The spirit of cooperation and knowledge sharing is unlike anywhere else.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

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Ho ho bloody ho

off to work I go

For those of you who are working, you have my comiserations

for everybody else I wish you the best Christmas you can have under the present climate

good luck with all your projects in 2021 and with even more luck we will be covid free by 2022

For me it going to have to be the year of the portal

so off to bed now for a couple of hours sleep before nightshift

enjoy what you can and above all stay safe regards Stephen

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