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O/T Blowing up the in - laws

Les Henson

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I went to look at a Nissan Primera today that someone had bought cheap. Problems with the in-tank fuel pump meant that the engine wouldn't run. New pump is almost £200. The brother-in-law of the new owners said he could fit a different pump, and that it was only a wiring problem, that he could sort out. The pump sits inside a frame, which then is secured to the tank by 6-bolts.

So - soldering iron in hand, some petrol pipe, an in-tank pump from a different vehicle - snip, snip, solder, splash, brmmm - off they go to drive the car back home, which they manage successfully. Mummy, Daddy, small baby, Brother-in-law. After this the car won't start, so I get to have a look. These two pictures say it all.



The framework is inside the tank, and the pump sits inside it usually, the two wires are 12v positive and earth, and the reason the 'new' pump stopped working was because the uninsulated soldered joints had broken inside the tank. Ignition on and the red wire is live even before the engine is started. Imagine what would have happened if the two had touched.

The guy hadn't even fitted the frame properly, so under the back seat there was the access panel not fitted, the frame also not fitted to the tank, and with the seat cushion lifted out of the way you can see straight in the top of the tank, at the petrol !

Amazing how stupid some people are.


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