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OT: LR wise but still mechanical problem!


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the PAS on the neighbours Rover has suddenly gone very light, as in if you jack the front wheels off the ground and push the steering wheel it will spin all the way to the opposite lock. the actual raod wheels are similar resisitance to LR wheels if you use them to turn the steering.

So any ideas as to why is has suddenly become more assisted?

there are no leaks, or obvious noises and ball joints etc are all good.

aside from the obvious dangers of going to move the wheel a small amount and moving alot when at speed its ideal for <10mph !!!!!

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Which model rover?

I've come accross this on 800's and its casued by the breaking up of a stupid little flat metal disk within the steering rack itself. The disk has something to do with the valving but I cant remember exaclty what it does. It is repairable by replacing said item with an undamaged item from another scrap rack, but parts are not available separately.

In short the fix in the real world is to replace the rack with either a re-con or a good 2nd hand rack.



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hadnt spotted this thread & i cant answer the question anyway. however ive just picked up a m-reg 218sld with a blown headgasket. for the life of me i cant workout how/where you adjust the PS belt off the end of the cam. i cut the old one off so i could remove the head but obviously that wont work for refitting. any clues? i bet its really simple when your not looking in the dark.

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