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Defenders up to/from chassis number guide

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Do we have, or could we create, a useful guide to Defender chassis numbers to solve the problem below please, I'm sure others suffer from it as well?
Parts suppliers have things like "Defender - up to KA930455" on a web page for a front axle part. However my Defender is a hybrid of axles, transfer boxes and so on from 1991 to 2005...
My chassis number is from 1991, but my axle from after 2002, so I have no idea if the part will fit etc.

Can we create a list of chassis number ranges per year and per engine?
And then a web form where you put in your chassis number and the 'up to KA930455' part and it says if it fits etc?

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As you know the axle year of make just go with that or find the axle serial number, most part suppliers go with the vin range as that was a major change, for example

TD engine to 200tdi & start of Defender name,

200tdi to 300tdi changeover,

300tdi to Td5 changeover

Td5 to 2.4 Ford engine. 


Without access to the full set of vin numbers it would be a huge amount of work for us to do when the supplier have already have a system. 

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OK, thanks mate, not meant as a criticism obviously, just a naive suggestion etc

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