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Opinions on original 2.25l solex carburetor


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 question, is the solex carburetor on a 2.25l series 2 not considered good?  Seems well built ! 

I read some negative comments on the weber, supposedly there restrictive and need a adapter. 

I tried to rebuild my solex on my series 2 with a kit from bearmach but the accelerator pump gasket/diaphragm was not included. Pretty disappointed. 

Is it worth trying to source a new accelerator pump diaphragm or just try finding a new carburetor? 

I hear the su carburetor is supposed to be quite good. 

Appreciate any advice 



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Burlen Fuel Systems make diaphragms and other parts for the Solex.  I've used their parts a number of times and they're good.

I replaced the float chamber gasket on a Solex with a cheap one I purchased somewhere (not Burlen) and the choke wouldn't work at all.  There was a hole missing in the gasket - Burlen gasket and it was fine.


Look under Zenith

Soles works nicely with new diaphragms and seems far less temperamental than the later Zenith.


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