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300tdi throttle cable loosening

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I have a constant niggle; the throttle cable adjuster keeps winding itself forward and loosening the cable. It moves very easily on its thread.I have put a P clip on the spiral threaded part of the cable to try to prevent it and that worked for a while but it is doing it again. I have had a look and can't see I am missing any parts, eg a clip. Can anyone suggest a cure or am I missing something? If it needs a new cable, fine, but I have a feeling the problem would continue.



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Had several 300 cables do this. It is due to the coarseness of the thread and the adjuster collar being plastic. I prevented it by wrapping the metal bit with tape


Given they're not expensive I'd put a new one on.

Think we might have different definitions of not expensive.


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My 200TDi does this, I fixed it by sticking a cable tie behind the adjuster so it can't go anywhere. What I did find with mine is it would only do it when driving for a period at 70mph, so the vibrations were just right to adjust it. The cable I have came from our least favourite parts supplier some years ago.

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