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Under bonnet tool box

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Hi guys

I'm thinking of making and fitting an under bonnet tool box ( 2a ) to mount between the n/s footwell and wheel arch ideally to fit in the "V" between the two but will have a flat bottom on the inside and a hinged lid fitted with a catch, now i'm not anywhere near doing this yet and I have only ever seen the ones fitted to lightweights but they have different wings and bonnets and just wondered if anyone has done anything like this on a civvy 2a and if so can you post some pic's please.

It's basicly to free up the center seat box as I want to use that for putting other things in :)

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Having had a lightweight, I'd say the box should fit fine.

If you want to make your own, I'd just get the measuring stick out and get on with it :) 

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32 minutes ago, Bowie69 said:

Oh, and a complete copy of the non-lightweight box, for the S2: 



Very handy looking thing, much bigger than the lightweight versions

Thanks for the replies, yeah I've seen that one but was thinking rather than fastening it straight onto the footwell I was thinking mounting one between the wheel arch and footwell, think I will have to get the bulkhead fitted and offer the wing up and have a quick measure up, hopefully that box in your link mite work and save me making one if not I will make one to fit ;)

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