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heavy duty springs

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hi guys last year I fitted some hd springs on the rear of my 90 to cope with a heavy roof tent and it all went well . after about six months they started to sag .then a friend of mine told me that front springs are stronger than rear springs .has anybody put front springs on the rear ?what was the height like ? I'm only asking because I don't want to change the rear springs every 12 months . I carnt bear to see a land rover with a soggy bottom

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Front springs are normally lighter than the rear.  Your friend is confused.

If the springs sagged, they were just poor quality.  Springs should never sag.  Do you know exactly what spring you purchased and what brand?

If you are variable in loads, then Airlift bags are a nice solution.  If not, then choose the correct spring for the weight.  If you can run the truck over a weigh bridge and get the axle weights, I can help choose a spring.



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What Red said - but I'd contact Britpart about it and ask them for their solution.

You make it sound as if 6 month use ran the springs down...

We had some minor issues with a Dutch shockmaker and they sorted it out after 1 email.

Those shocks were 5 years old


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Fit some genuine ones. The aftermarket ones are nearly always the same size (genuine are handed L/R to make the vehicle sit level) and last no time. My 110 is still on original springs with no sag, 12 years old now and 2400kg on the weighbridge when empty.

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