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LWT "The Pheonix"


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As the subject has changed from the search for a LWT bulkhead top panel to the ongoing status of the project, a new thread was called for.

Just to reiterate the status, the LWT bulkhead was ROTTEN! and I happened to have a 90 bulkhead lying about.

The problem is that all Ser 2/3's 90/110's are wider than a LWT by about 4" so there were some mods to be done.






Well the first day of the holidays has been very productive, not only have I done my Xmas shopping, I've evn got the "new" Isuzu engine into the LWT, sorted through the remains of the wiring loom that we cut out of the pickup and got it running.


In order to make the front wheel arch look right, I've added a panel to the outside edge of the footwell.

These are made from 2mm steel and welded in place.

Before folding




After fitting this, the old pressing that the wing bolts to, was moved from the old bulkhead to the new bulkhead and the wing fitted.

It fits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The last job for Sat. was to replace the clutch slave cyl and fit a grease nipple to the pivot shaft.

Most clutch assys. are already drilled with a 1/4" unf hole for a grease nipple to screw into and greasing the shaft stops clutch squeek.


Tomorrow should be the other side....



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No photo's yet, but the Pheonix lives and drives.

Maiden test flight yesterday, out of the garage (well I was on my own and needed to turn her around!) and back in.

Interesting driving with NO brakes (not even the pedal!) and having to pull the end of the Isuzu throttle cable by hand....

No strange noises (yet) and sounds quite fruity with only the front pipe on, might be tempted not to bother with a silencer at all...


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Go to the scrappies and "collect" the twin fan setup from a Mondeo.

Its almost the exact size for the L/W rad and if you use the fan temp switch made by the guys at X-eng (SimonR is the username on this forum I think) the jobs a piece of p1ss.

Which dissy do you have on there?

Is it the one with the small black module on the side?


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Well just to prove it does move:

Its been a productive weekend, with thoughts of things to come:

This shows the mods to the read wheel arches to recentralise the rear wheel:

Started work on the radiator panel, stripped off the O/S headlamp plate as it's fck'd!

Here's the old one, with its sucessor marked out on the sheet to be plasma cut

Also managed to fit the O/S/F brake caliper (110 with vented disks), which was a pig as the R/R axle is an early one with

imperial mountings and the new caliper is metric! Out with the taps and retap the swivel housing to M12 x 1.75

Also got the brake servo in and the pipes connected to the rear cct. together with the O/S/F and started on the N/S

How come all the simple things take the time??






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looking almost like a car now. how's the 'suzu running? still sans exhaust?

what sort of lid are you going to put on the car?

Not been near the engine for a while, too busy doing other bits.

Roof is optional at the moment, I need to find a set of 90/110 hood sticks as I'ld like to soft top it

but I do have the remains of a 110 CSW roof (yellow) to shorten to match the rear body.

Time will tell.

Did you seen my post about xmembers?


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Hi Bob

well i have seen it with 4 landrover in it :rolleyes:

That was a while ago!!

But hey ho, got some new toys 4.6 P38 damaged with no engine, 3.9 Disco with gas but non runner and an 8x8 GlenAlmond

Just what a chap needs incase he ever gets bored.


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Well that it the work shop MUST be FULL and the steel box at the back of the work Shop and maybe the road to the work shop :D

Hi Henry,

Well you've not seen the stages for 2007 Scottish Hillrally yet..... The GlenAlmond might just give you a run for your money..

Imagine in tunnels being able to turn in your own length and miss all the trees that I normally hit....

Dream on!

Now all we've got to do is rechassis Scuba's 110 next weekend, change the clutch on a R/R (was stripping that down outside last night in the snow ffffffffff'icking cold!) and finish putting the cage on Cam's 90.....

Nothing a month of Sundays won't cure.


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No shortage of projects then Bob! ;)

I'm trying to work out how I can afford to do the Scottish Hillrally and the suspension to allow me to do it justice! I can't go any faster on that event as it is. Oh and I'm rebuilding the engine because it divested itself of oil in the middle of last year's event!


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Well the secret's out now as Earl and Si were poking about the garage at the weekend.

The brakes are done, some more of the body's been rubbed down and most importantly, I've turned it around again!

At present I'm stuck for a couple of bits, the header rail for the softtop on a 90/110 together with the bits above the doors and an old 110 canvas to modify, so if anyone could help...............


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