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Discovery II coolant leak got into electrics

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Hi  I have a Discovery TD5 II the top hose has perished by the spigot to the engine cylinder head and when I tried to patch it temporarily it leaked coolant. I think its patched ok now but the car wont turn over now. I am wondering whether something has fused. The car electrics work otherwise. When I try to turn it over I get nothing at all.

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There is very often a problem with the starter solinoids on the TD5's I have had the problem off and on for years. crawl under the car and waggle the LT cable and try again. This is always my go to when there is nothing from the starter and it has never failed. Once or twice you need to try it two or three times to get it working.

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 If the wire waggling doesn't work, make sure you are getting power to the started trigger wire when the key is turned... (The wired to the starter solenoid on a spade connector)

Assuming it is live when the key is turned to the crank position, then it could be the internal workings of the solenoid stuck... They are known to arc out.

Not a hard job to do.. Nut on top of the starter is a fun one to get back on.... Kits are available to replace the contacts and piston....





Tapping the started on the solenoid housing might get you another start or two... If arc'ing is bad it will get stuck again...



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