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101 winch PTO repair and overhaul manual.


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Does anyone here have any documents on the PTO assembly overhaul. No mention of this assembly I made in the 101 repair and overhaul manual. I have the Nokken winch drawing and it does not cover the PTO. The only document that makes any mention of it is the part book which gives you a series of numbers that are not recognized by LR parts dealers. I have a bearing that has collapsed in there which I want to replace but with it being a bevel gear drive I would like some idea of permissable end float as this appears to be 1-2mm right now.

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The  Overhaul and repair manual does have the PTO information in it in the optional Equipment Section 90.20.05

The 101 was never sold as a commercial vehicle so its part numbers do not exist in the standard LR parts system.  You need to contact 101/military parts suppliers such as 101 Parts https://www.101parts.co.uk/,  the 101Club, Planchards etc.





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That's quite embarrassing. I have been through that manual a thousand times over a couple of decades working on the 101 and never found that page. Admittedly my manual is a knackered old thing with the page tips all curled on each other but the index exists for a reason. 

There are lots of military parts in the standard dealer system but not this PTO. I've already asked at Blanchards and Able and they don't have things like bearings and shims. The bearings will be COS so a bit of disassembly and some quality time with a set of callipers will sort those out. Shims might be more difficult but I'll have a chat with the local bearing shop and see what they can do.

Thanks for your help Garry. 

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To me I would have thought it would have been in the transfer case section but it is hidden at the back.  You should download the PDF versions of the documents as they are helpful.

Now I am not surprised you are having difficulty finding parts for this even at 101 suppliers are it is only the 101 that has this type of PTO - others are chain driven.

I had my PTO out a few years back and it is all quite intuitive.  I would just take the worn bearings to a industrial supply place and get them matched.  Really the PTO sits there doing nothing for 99.99% of its life so when you put it back together, intuition on how it looks and feels (noting sizes of bits you have replaced) should be fine.  My universal between the PTO and the winch is a little worn but given I have only used it 5 times in the last 10 years it is just not worth the hassle of changing it.

As far as end float goes - in the absence of specs I would just ensure and slack is taken out when cold (but not tight) so that it might tighten just a little when warm.  I assume the bearing that has collapsed is on the constant mesh side so it turning without load when the tfr case is turning - I am surprised it has collapsed as it is under no load 99.99% of the time and only under load when winching.  I would be checking why it has failed - eg corrosion, something else has failed in the transfer case and it has had swarf in it.

Anyway - good luck with it - the 101 is the best 😎





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A bit of easy disassembly today and I have found my problem. The constant mesh gear and shaft assembly is good. My problem is the thrust bearing 591813 (Item 15 in the parts list) that lies between the bevel gear (Item 6) and the cross shaft (Item 9) is completely missing. Fortunately, like you say, I have not used my winch much so there is no scoring on the running surfaces of the mating parts. I see no sign of the race but what made me think a bearing had collapsed was that I had seen some of the rollers coming out in the oil during its annual change.

As for root cause analysis. On pulling things apart I note that once you have the bearing support (Item 17) and its shims off the output shaft can be pulled out the housing.  My suspicion is that at some time in its life the seal has been changed and the shaft pulled partially or completely out which has allowed that first thrust bearing to fall out of the stack. The mechanic has pushed the shaft back in and there has been nothing external to say that the bearing is now gone. 

This accounts for the excessive free play in the output gear end float.


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In the interests of providing some closure with info that may save someone else some grief I have measured the various bearings and seals for the 101 PTO and give some cross reference numbers that should be recognizable to any bearing shop.

Item numbers are for the 101 parts book.

Item 4   Thrust Bearing, Cross Shaft,                             591806 AXK3552

Item 7   Roller bearing                                                      591814 KT354013

Item 13 Roller bearing, cross shaft and output shaft 591807 AXK3047

Item 15 Thrust bearing                                                    591813 KT303513

Item 18 Oil Seal                                                                 591819 30X40X7 SKF A10296

Item 31 O-ring                                                                    571991  15mm ID 2mm rope dia.

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