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dip and main beam relay no lights


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hi on my 300 disco my main and dip lights just stopped working have checked all fuses tested the bulbs changed stalk put a tester on the fuses got no power coming to the fuses in the footwell have power at the main under the bonnet could this be the relay ????? losing the will with the matter help help asap please before my head explodes  could it be a relay and if so which one and where is is not into electrical stuff but tried all the obvious thanks .


I have all rear lights working and front side lights all other electricals work just not dip and main 

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The feed to the interior fuses comes throug the dim/dip relay, remove the relay and bridge the perpendicular cavities in the socket and if you get feed then it can be the relay or it's trigger circuit... you should have told what year is your Disco cos there are some differencies between early and late modells

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Don’t worry about the dim-dip relay function, it only operates when the engine is running, if you have one I can isolate it by simply unplugging the resistor which is positioned on the engine bay bulkhead by the screen wash bottle.

There’s a main fuse in the engine bay fuse box something like 30amp, for the headlamps, it’s in the row of 6 ‘fusible links if I remember correctly.

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