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DIY Snorkel

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My 110 has had a Mantec steel snorkel fitted since before I bought it, it's all rusty  to the point that a hole has rusted clean through the mushroom top, it also has a hole in the flexible pipe that attaches to the wing. The internal piping in the engine bay is also not sealed very well so not really doing the job.

The idea popped into my head after seeing the Protection and Performance snorkel ( https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LAND-ROVER-Defender-3-Snorkel-air-intake-top-fits-with-our-external-cage/162147951992  ) that I could knock one up from stainless exhaust pipe parts for a lot less than they want. This would also give me the opportunity to bin the existing side intake ducting with it's small air restriction.

So I have a few questions, which no doubt some of you will have suffered the pains of researching previously.

1) Does anyone know of a supplier of suitable (reasonably priced) induction hose to connect the snorkel to the airbox? Needs an internal diameter of 76mm to connect to the airbox spigot and I'm guessing about 1m long.

2) What have people used as the snorkel top? 

3) Anyone got a reasonably priced supplier of 76mm stainless exhaust bends and pipe parts?


Thanks in advance for your help.


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I used silicone hoses from siliconehoses.co.uk exhaust bends from profusion on eBay and the pipe that goes from the box to the snorkel is some green heat proof plastic ducting also found on ebay.....expensive stuff for what it is


not had any problems without a snorkel top yet but it’s not a daily



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I have made the snorkels out of steam pipe bends, in the old days before I could afford stainless I used the cast ones and they are a little heavy but work fine.

can get them on eBay easily in any diameter, just careful whether the seller is referring to inside diameter or outside diameter.

search for "3'' Inches 76mm Stainless Steel Car Exhaust Weld 90° Bend Elbow Pipe Fitting Pro" on eBay.

AFAIK the cheap safari snorkel heads fit onto a 88-90mm pipe


I have built one with the bent over top like dangerous doug but found it to suck some water when driving in heavy rain, the safari snorkel seems to do better.


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