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Merry, er, Easter!


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Good Grief :blink:

How sad is that ?

Personally I absolutely hate christams, ..........but love the time off.

All I have to do tomorrow is get through the day without killing / burying any relatives who irriate the **** out of me :angry:

Yes, I am a grumpy git, I know cos me wife told me so :lol:


How many injuries can you manage in a typical festive holiday Nige? :lol:

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definatly not Paul, probably more of us than 'them'. but its not PC to admit xmas is carp is it? or is it the 'winter celebration' nowdays as xmas isnt PC either? :huh:

Talking of PC, my girlfriend is a Catholic so ended up at Christmas Mass. Part of the sermon was the priest complaining that the PC brigade want to change it as said above. The church is concerned that it will lose its biggest seller!

Sorry for the religious bit, I'm a non believer but it helps to keep her happy :D

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im not religious either but i cant see why people cant call it what they want. anyone who is offended by others beliefs has the same mindset to a nazi in my eyes. you cant think that cause i dont think it - hows that PC anyway?

sorry have i drifted offtopic?

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