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Td5 central locking not working but immobiliser is?

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I recently brought a td5 90 county station wagon and am currently rebuilding on a galvanised chassis. The key fob will turn the immobiliser on and off but the central locking doesn’t seem to work would any one have any ideas why this is or what to check?


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I’ll ask the obvious first...does it have full central locking and did it work prior to the rebuild?

If so, does pushing the door button down (doors closed) actuate the central locking solenoids? Check the door wiring looms are plugged fully home, if the basic locking system is working then check the wiring from the 10AS or if you’ve got access to a code reader do a diagnostic on it to ensure it’s configured accordingly. It’s a small internal relay that triggers the locking so that may have an issue. Multimeter and a wiring diagram and check for power and earths (it’s a defender after all!!) Also a good idea to give the relevant fuse a clean and a wiggle!

The dash LED is also handy for letting you know if there’s a pin switch issue, it’ll be solid red if it thinks there’s a door still open    


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Thanks For your reply mate. To be honest no the central locking never worked but when I brought it I was told it had central locking and electric windows the windows are all working just nothing with the central locking just a immobiliser. Is there anything I can check to even see if it does have central locking. I have just put Puma doors on and the loom inside them was the same as my old doors there’s wires going to the locking mechanism 2 got to locking mechanism and 2 to the Electric windows 

thanks Dan 

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