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Issue with TD4 2.2 since new cambelt fitted

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Hi , I am messaging in the hope that someone will know what is wrong with my car as the garage clearly doesnt have a clue. 
The cam belt was replaced couple of days ago. all put back together .. fired up no issue then it immobilised. Garage disconnected battery overnight. Car started no problem when reconnected. When guy was delivering car back to me at approx 2 miles the engine management light came on. Apparently between 1900 and 2400rpm there appears to now be a blip where the engine split second cuts out keep revs above and it drives like a dream, apparently its almost like a mis fire you'd experience with a petrol engine,
There are no faults registering at all. Please HELP ME . I am so stressed with this.

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Sounds like the garage f***ed it up, I'd demand they sort it out or get it taken to somewhere competent.

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