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OK, so who pinched my car then??

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So last night I found myself with an hour free to mess about with the Disco. I decided I would start to remove the track rod and drag link to fit shiny up rated ones that are decorating the garage floor.

Fast forwards one hour and I have undone all 4 TRE's( with none of them spinning) and the steering damper bolt, freed the tapers and even fitted the new drag link. This is on a 20 year old rust bucket that so far has fought me every step of the way with more than my fair share of seized, rounded off, sheared and needing-to-be-drilled-out fasteners.

My only explanation is that one of you lot pinched my truck and replaced it with a canny look alike for a giggle.

As long as you promise not to swap them back again I will overlook your transgression on this occasion.

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It's all very well dismantling it Bish but we need to see you getting out and using it.



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More than your fair share of hassle ????? Get yourself a Freelander TD4 and learn the REAL meaning of hassle. 😩

I will swap you some rusty bolts any day !

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