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Manual Diff Lock Install


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Hi All

Been a long time since i posted anything useful here. 

So after many many years of searching high and low i have finally managed to lay my hands on a used specimen of Mr Macnamara's manual difflock.

The item in question is as seen in this leaflet of many years ago.


The axle it sat in was a mess to be honest, so i stripped it down and started to seek replacement bearings and seals. It also emerged that my locking shaft was junk.



So after some emails to Mr Macnamara i managed to source a new shaft, plus other bits and bobs to start my install.


I also had to modify a coiler hub since i have a disc brake conversion at the rear.


Thats it for now, next pics will be of the install i hope.




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change of pics
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Talk about a blast from the past ......

Interesting this.

I have on the Series Hybrid a rear diff lock and it is useful at times.

Very interesting to see how this goes - please keep us informed.


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Interesting thing, it's kinda how the Volvo one works except they use a vacuum-actuator to slide a dog down the extra-long spline.

Wonder if you could use a concentric clutch release bearing to actuate it without having to stop & get the spanners out?

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Thanks for the prompt reply Gremlin,

My version is the earlier one contained within the rover style diff.

I am hoping to put it under a 1959 SWB.

I have emailed Mcnamara to see if they still have any stock of the long bolt and dust cover bolt.

In the meantime I will test a few metric bolts for compatibility

I suspect that a PO may have sheared the original bolt off leaving the end in the half shaft. I will find out for sure when i strip it down.

Did Mcnamara have the new shaft in stock or did they make you up a new one?






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16 hours ago, Ed Straker said:


Did Mcnamara have the new shaft in stock or did they make you up a new one?


Yes they did have old stock.

13 hours ago, Arjan said:

What did you do for the disc brake conversion on the rear if I may ask ?

You can read it all at Rear Disc Brakes.............the build............... - Series Forum - LR4x4 - The Land Rover Forum



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On 4/2/2019 at 12:11 PM, Gremlin said:

Well you could come up with something, but that will add complexity. This is nice and simple.


Just remember to do it before that end of your axle is stuck elbow-deep in a swamp somewhere :D

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Sorry Gremlin,  one more question.  Am I correct in saying that the Stub axle nut and key washer have been replaced by discs with holes? (looking at photo 4 of your Post on April 24, 2019).

Do you know the purpose of this set up?

I am asking as my unit does not have these.  only the standard hex nuts and washers.

Cheers  Jamie

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Cool, thanks for the reply.  Mine is a version for Series 2  - HD diff and 6 gear carrier is inside a Rover housing not a Salisbury one.  As long as I can set the wheel bearings in the hub i guess it makes no difference.  I have a new locking shaft on order from Jack Mack in the post.  Happy to post up pics of this earlier style if there is interest.  cheers jamie.

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