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Freelander 1 K Series will not run after head gasket replacement

ralph o

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Hello everybody.

My 2003 1800 K blew its head gasket,so i got all the parts and replaced it (head skimmed)

I have put it all back together and tried to start it ............

it fired on first turn (dident run But i heard it fire) but then would not start

After scratching my head for a while, while looking on line for some clues, i decided to try a spray of brake cleaner into the intake  and it ran .......for a few seconds .

So gave it another squirt and it ran and revved up for a few seconds (until the fumes ran out i guess)

tried a few more times and it started and ran and revved up again but then dies.

Fuel supply me thinks 

Question 1...

has this happened to you.If so, what was the cause

Q 2

how do i check the fuel supply

Q 3

Does anybody want to buy a cheap freelander 

Seriously , if anyone can help i would be most gratful 

Best regards






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It's fairly simple EFI system, if it's making sparks then (assuming yours is the later type with no dizzy) the ECU can see the engine turning and is trying to make it run, so I'd look at any wires you've left disconnected (EG injectors, fuel pump) and check the fuel pump runs when you crank it (the ECU will turn it off the rest of the time).

If it ran previously 99% chance it's something you've disturbed or missed putting back properly.

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Thanks for your responses

I have checked all connections and none are pinched and all are connected (no spare plugs hanging around) I have sprayed with switch cleaner and happy connections are all good

There is no fuel coming through

The inertia Switch.....(red) i can push the center but it doesent seem to be up,just a slight spring to it

Have run a seperate earth to engine.

I can start and keep the engine running with little squirts of easystart and it revs ok so definatly no fuel supply ??

Does anyoone know how the fuel pump is triggered , is it in the ecu ? 

What tells the pump , to  pump ?

I havent checked the fuel pump yet as the car was running fine before i took it apart.

Still stumped

Best regards




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Thank you all for the advise

It was something very simple........ a mate had taken out the relay.........for a laugh.....and left it in the fuse box

Ha Ha F****** Ha     I said ..  as i throttled him

Sorry to have wasted anybodys time and so is my ex mate    

Thanks again for the directions


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