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ACE Anti-rollbar quality

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2001 TD5  Early Jan had to replace o/s antirollbar link -  perished rubbers. Fitted a British Parts Stevenage replacement. A week ago I noticed fluid leak from the flexible part of the pipe supplying o/s ACE ram & found the top of the a-r link had come out of its'socket & allowed the a-r ram to drop & strain the pipe causing it to split. I ordered another link from a reputable supplier & specified OEM. It's just arrived in a box marked Delphi & made in Turkey. Is this a genuine L-R part or a rather more expensive pattern?

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The good ol' 'OEM' minefield!

Firstly I think you will find Delphi is considered a quality manufacturer, and may well be one of the OEM manufacturers that supply LR for that part. That said your part almost certainly isn't identical to the one that comes in the LR parts box. LR will specify the part more completely and demand higher QA/QC standards than the mainstream replacement parts suppliers.

It is likely to prove very servicable and was probably cheaper than the LR equivilent. My personal experience of anything made in Turkey so far is good.

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