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Random wiring connectors

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These are on a piece of loom attached to a Range Rover Classic clock. I've seen plenty of the white ones before, the blue one doesn't look too familiar, and the black one is a real wildcard. God knows why the loom designers at Rover felt the need to use every different type of connector they could lay their hands on. 


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The blue connector is used to connect the bulkhead loom to the two rear looms that go over the doors to the rear of the car on a discovery so I assume a rangie too. Which leads me to think the white goes to the doors probably electric windows and or mirrors. The black maybe central locking or possibly the other way round. Wire colours would confirm or debunk this.


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Slow day, so I did some googling. 10 points to Mike (you need to get out more :P), white and black plugs are for mirror switches.


The blue plug is obviously where it connects to the rest of the main loom.

For an extra 20 points, what is the part number of the sub loom? The closest I can get is PRC6062, but this has the wrong plugs for the main loom connection.

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