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Water ingress, Front wells and load area.


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Ive a 300 tdi es N reg 1996 that seems to have more water on the inside than the outside, The load area floor gets wet so much so that the boot floor has a few holes in it ,can these be replaced? and both footwells are wet, the carpet is dry but the black rubber/foam under the carpet is soaking, Has any one got any ideas where to start looking and also how do i replace the boot floor,

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For some good tips take a look at Mark's thread in the members forum. He's replaced a lot of metal very nicely on his Disco.

Mine, well I've got as far as removing all the carpets which has made a big improvement, but I'll not be looking to fix the boot floor (probably replace with 5bar) until the spring.

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As you seem to have found out, disco's are notorious for leaking. There are two issues to look at - stopping the water getting in, and repairing the damage where it has already come in. There is a LR technical bulletin about common ingress points - if you do a search in the disco forum it was posted up somewhere.

In terms of repairing, anything is possible depending on how much effort or £££ you want to throw at it. The boot floor is available as a replacement part, and by the sounds of yours, then it should be a relatively simple replacement. The footwells will need patching is suspect. I did mine, and they still let water in!

As trev mentioned, I have tried to document what I have done on mine in my Disco Blog thread in the Members vehicles forum.



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By the way, this may look like my first post but I was a member of the old forum. I just don't get on here very often. :rolleyes:

With posts of that quality you should post more often. :D

Please to see there are other advocates of mastic and pop rivets though ;)

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