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Rear door hinge bolts, body side - quick query

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Tried search and not getting much guidance.

Quickie - rear door hinge bolts on the body side -

the top pair are with nuts, I can see them.

the middle one - is it nuts or captive plate (or combination)

the bottom - is it nuts or a captive plate?

I have various furniture bolted inside that prevents me seeing the middle so need to dismantle that first, and bottom has a wing tank in the rear quarter so may need some jiggery-pokery to reach it, but would just like to know before I commit myself what I'm going to find.

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Update - hinges changed - bottom ones' nuts totally impossible to reach with the wing tank in place etc.

So.....I removed the backdoor retaining arm (rear bottom left corner of door) and cut a small square of tub out to enable me to reach the back of the nuts with a spanner, then replaced and pop-riveted a cover plate back on with the retaining arm fastened to it  - worth bearing this option in mind if any of you face a similar challenge!

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