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Mine looks different...

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Happy Egg melting Easter....

Perfect Weather to change a head gasket on a 300tdi. Two of us spannering a side each 3.5 hours job done :)

On a roll I thought let's break out the boost pin that was in my box of 'things to attach'.

Opened up pump cover (was reconditioned 4 years ago so stock). Pin out - no nylon washer!

Also I think my pump looks different see pics below.  It's a doner 300tdi Disco put into an ex mod 110. Thought I would try pin for low and top end.

In it went pointing right way. Been for a spin. Went well before but I can't tell any difference with this new Swedish pin.

Wondering if I am supposed to see an amazing difference or not. Runs same as before. Don't think it's because or no washer unless I need to check again. No smoke.

Just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience of non 'eggstatic' proportions!



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