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Engine and gearbox fit into chassis

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I have a 1997 300tdi 90 that I am fitting a Richards chassis too, taking time to do a good job and spent a lot of time cleaning and painting as I go.

A big day came today and I went to refit the engine and gearbox assembly to the chassis... and it doesn't fit.

With engine mount bolts in their holes, the mounts on the transfer box sit a good inch forward of the holes. 

I can't see and adjustment in crossmember that would make up this distance.

Other than elongating the 4 holes to make it all fit I can't think what to do.

Anyone got any other ideas?






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Something is clearly in the wrong place.  I had similar issues with my Marsland chassis - the gear box cross member is about 2" aft of where it should be, and even then, the right side engine mount was out of position relative to the other three mountings.  

You're going to have to determine which chassis brackets are in the wrong position by getting measurements of the correct clearance from the back of the transmission to the next cross member, and the front of the engine to the first cross member (ignoring the bumper).  It could be that either pair are out, or all four could be wrong.  From the photos, I'd suspect the engine mounts are too far forward as there doesn't appear to be much room to remove the crank pulley and timing case in situ, but that is just a guess.

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The mounts for the gbx are handed so can't get them on wrong side, heights would all be wrong, thanks for the suggestion.

I've had a good look back through photos of when I took it all to bits and reckon the engine mounts are too far forward. as Snagger says. Backed this up with a test fit of the bulkhead and the bell housing to gearbox flange was too far forward relative to the bulkhead. 

Going to re-drill the holes in the engine mount brackets as far back as I can allowing room to fit the nut underneath. I will still need to slot the transfer box mounts forward by 10mm  but reckon it will all fit by then and whats 10mm in Land Rover tolerances.....

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I'm doing the same on my 90, '95 300tdi.  The distance between the back of the spring mount housing and the front of the engine mounting bracket is 60mm,  yours look closer although hard to tell from the pics.  All went in with no probs.  Looks like you need to make that phone call.


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I would make sure that the assembly sits in the correct position - fitting it further forward will cause prop shaft length issues and tunnel and interior trim to not fit.

It looks like the engine mounts will need repositioning.  Richards are responsible for that and should agree to pay the bill for a mobile welder to come out and do that for you, if they won't attend themselves.

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