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Another P38 4 pin into long nose diff casing.

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I have machined off the ribs on the crown wheel carrier side, taken a small amount off the bearing cap etc and with the correct pinion to c/ wheel back lash it all turns freely.Also machined bearing carrier 2.5mm to allow the bearing to sit further in, but the bearing adjuster nut still protrudes a little to much to get locking pin in. What I am concerned about is the thickness of material in the bearing support area if I machine any more off to move bearing in another 1.5mm. As std I make the thickness at this point 11.5mm (see drawing) I have cut into this by 2.5mm already leaving me with only 9mm now. I see plenty of people have done this mod before, one of the best write up's being on this forum. Would anyone like to give me the benefit of their experience of doing this job, I would like to move the bearing in another 1.5mm but fear I will weaken the area to much. What do you think ?   





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Yes I think that's the best way forward. I'm hoping to convert two of these diff's for my ex military trialer.


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