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SRS light intermittently on but no new faults

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SWMBO freelander 1 has had an SRS light on for a little while. Codes said passenger pretensioner short. Stripped everything down on the passenger side and found a few metal flakes inside the yellow connector under the seat. Cleaned everything up, put it all back together and cleared the faults. Did a couple of test drives and the SRS light had gone away. Happiness.

Moved the car earlier and the SRS light stayed on. Started car again the SRS went out. Read the codes again but there are no faults recorded in the SRS ecu.

Anyone any ideas on how i can have an SRS light without registering any fault codes?

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What are you reading the codes with ? In the past on many occasions I was asked by garages in a similar situation,a lamp on but apparently no codes. When I put Testbook on it there would always be a code there.Not saying this is your situation,but may be worth bearing it in mind.

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That's a fair point about it not being testbook. I'm reading the codes with Delphi Autocom 2013.

So far it's been pretty consistent with returning a code when the SRS has illuminated.
The last set of codes i read from it before fixing the short and clearing where

Restraints (Airbag - Diagnose)
DTC Description

34 - Airbag control unit - Permanent

5 - Front left pretensioner circuit - Short to GND - Permanent

I've done a few more stop/starts and the SRS is staying out and no codes found.

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