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That clattering noise might not be the damper :)

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I had a loud clattering noise coming from the front of my TD5.
Did a search for similar things and It sounded exactly like the youtube posts I came across showing broken harmonic dampers.

I pulled the auxiliary belt and set about checking the pulleys and damper. The powering steering pulley had jettisoned two bolts and the clattering was the pulley slapping against the pump when revolving. A pair of new bolts and no more clattering.

So if anyone comes across this post when searching for clattering nose, it might not be the damper :)

I did notice that the tensioner pulley bearing is stuffed :(

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..... just on that tensioner pulley, I'd advise swop it over asap, mine failed (as in seized totally) while I was driving, wrecked the belt and threw it off,  I did get a few moments to pull over but was then stuck about 10miles from home! Made for a long day.

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It's on my list of things to fix asap.
As they're all the same age I was thinking about replacing the bearing in the tensioner pulley and the idlers. The tensioner pulley is two halves that are riveted together and looks like it might be a bit of a faff to put back together.

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Yes, i was was darn lucky.

To balance things out my luck changed a bit this afternoon.
The little locating spigot on the mounting face of the tensioner had seized hard into the alternator bracket. Tensioner came off leaving the spigot behind.
Had to remove the alternator bracket and drill the blasted thing out.

My TD5 iis now clatter and squeak free :)

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