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Defender 300 Tdi air filter house mounting

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Please, tell me..


What part # / Part No's are involved to make this as I have the filter - but not the 2 clips and the rest..

Anybody has one perhaps ?

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You have to buy them as a complete fitting Arjan and if I remember correctly there £30 each breakers would be your best bet if you have them in France , I’m at work at the moment but can get you the number when at home if no one else does . Then there’s a plate at the bottom and 4 of these rubber mounts err2337 . Hope this helps a bit.

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Thank You !!

Breakers is here a problem - off to Holland next weekend and I'll try to visit one while over there. Otherwise it will be down do making one...


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Part numbers are , and prices from Britcar 

2 straps that hold the filter housing on ERR4688  £30 to £60

base plate that bolts to the head under 2 of the head bolts ERR2850  £30 to £70

supporting strap underneath ERR2851 £10  to £12

and the rubber mountings as above ERR2337.  from 60p to £9

a bit expensive I’ll take you a photo or 2 tomorrow but definitely make your own or get one from a breakers I’d say .

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Will look into making something - breakers also want quite a bit of money for the shipping to France.

Perhaps in Holland next week..

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Many thanks - this helps a lot !

I'd rather not undo the cylinderhead bolts to fit it there though..

However, I think there is plenty of space between the engine and the bulkhead for the filter to go...

Thank you !

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" I might have put them on the wrong way round "

Not sure...

As they fit both ways this was obviously designed this way - LHD & RHD  versions perhaps ?

.... or to cater for the Monday morning assembly line mood...

You never know, do you...

This looks to me more practical

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